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Trusty Mx series 1KVA - 20KVA



Salient Features
  • Inbuilt static bypass
  • High crest factor handles all high-inrush current loads without need for power rating upgrade
  • DC-start function
  • Parallel redundancy is available in 6, 10 & 20 KVA



  • Communication Port: Trusty-Mx Series offers three different communication ports: RS-232, USB card, SNMP card and AS-400 card. Through either one of them, the user can control and monitor UPS status easily.
  • Extended Backup Time: Long backup models can connect external batteries to get prolonged backup time. The feature is particularly suitable for areas with chronic power shortage.
  • Auto Self- Testing System:When turning on the Trusty-Mx Series UPS system, it immediately performs an inspection of the inverter, the battery, and the load. The system also detects any problems in time to avoid causing any damage to the system.
  • Modular Design:Trusty 1-3 KVA is the modular design UPS. This helps technicians to maintain and repair the UPS easily and ensure more stable product performance.
  • N+X Parallel Redundancy: The parallel redundancy feature is available for high level 6 KVA to 20 KVA models. Your growing power needs can be easily addressed by adding UPS unit to existing systems.
  • User Selectable Output Voltage:Trusty-Mx Series enables users to select corresponding output voltage to the local mains power without changing hardware. Users can select output voltage by simply pushing a button.
  • Power Management Software: To help you monitor and manage UPS working status easily and in real time, the free downloadable software Winpower is available online.
  • User friendly LCD display