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Gamatronic Multiplexer Mega V2 Range: 10 KVA to 500 KVA



Salient Features
  • The Highest Power Density / Smallest Footprint: The Su-Kam | Gamatronic Multiplexer Mega V2 delivers extremely high power density = 5kW/inch3. Multiplexer Mega V2 modules are each 25kVA/25kW, 3U and saves space in data centers, IT rooms and other critical sites.
  • Unique Design and Engineering: The Su-Kam | Gamatronic Multiplexer Mega V2 offers an “all-contained” original and proprietary design, where all connections and cables are internal. Minimal access to the sides and rear of the unit is required. Multiplexer Mega V2 unique mechanical design provides a modular UPS solution to 500kW (available bases: 125, 250 and 500kW), setting a new standard for the market.
  • A True Parallel Redundant UPS: True N+1 redundancy of 25kW modules provides several critical advantages, including: Flexible scalability: Multiplexer Mega V2 ensures future growth in load increase with a wide power capacity range: from 25 to 500kVA/500 kW. This scalability feature enables the user/designer unprecedented flexibility to correctly size the UPS for today, next month, next year (There is no need to supply spare UPS capacity in advance; only what the user/designer currently needs). Minimal maintenance: Multiplexer Mega V2 delivers very low MTTR (Mean Time to Repair), which results in the fastest service with minimal costs.
  • Unity Output Power factor: The Multiplexer Mega V2 performs unity output PF 500kVA = 500kW. The UPS is perfectly suitable for power capacities loads, such as blade servers with ZERO reduction in active power.
  • Green Power:Su-Kam | Gamatronic Multiplexer Mega V2 understands that energy-saving is not only a matter of cost-saving, but also of social responsibility The Multiplexer Mega V2 clean and globally responsible energy technology meets power requirements, while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Multiplexer Mega V2 Double Conversion True On-Line Battery (VFI): Complying with international standards such as the IEC-62040-3, and the highest classification VFI-SS-111, the Multiplexer Mega V2 features a galvanic battery connected between the rectifier output and the inverter input on a common DC link.
  • Multiplexer Mega V2 User-Friendly Controller: Each Su-Kam | Gamatronic Multiplexer Mega V2 features a unique and proprietary controller, which is the user's main interface with the Multiplexer Mega V2. The controller features a colored, touch-sensitive screen, which enables the user to navigate through the system screens by pressing various icons. Multilanguage functions allow simple usage worldwide. Built in SNMP/TCIP provides complete control over unit's operation without installing software or using dedicated computers or control hardware.
  • Workstations
  • Monitors
  • Fax Machines
  • Video equipment
  • Sound Equipment
  • Medical Equipments
  • Modems
  • Security System
  • POS Equipments
  • Commodity exchange terminals