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MPPT Technology




Load Chart


Note: The above specifications pertain to the standard branded SPV Module. It can also supply SPV Modules of different ratings to meet specific technical requirements. Electrical specifications mentioned above are at standard test conditions as follows [a] light spectrum of AM 1.5 [b] an irradiation of 1,000 Watts per square meter and [c] a cell temperature of 25 degrees Centigrade. Normal production tolerance of +/- 5% Due to continuous process innovations, the modules supplied may differ from those specified above.


Salient Features
  • Equipped with Micro controller based MPPT Technology
  • Ub-built Remote Monitoring software
  • 30% Faster battery charging
  • Use MOSFET as an electronic switch, without any mechanical switch
  • Compatible with wide range of batteries
  • Reverse current flow battery to solar array during night