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Falcon+ Pure Sine Wave HUPS



The Revolution Is Here...
  • From the company which holds a record for being the only power backup company in India to file for over 100 patents, comes another revolutionary product – Falcon plus – pure sine wave home UPS.



Salient Features
  • ATC- automatic tempreture compensation
  • 90 volt battery charging
  • Gives you the freedom to choose battery size according to your backup need
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation Technology Solves Battery Charging Problems
  • Freedom to Choose Battery Size Solves the Problem of Overspending on Batteries
  • Resettable Fuse Solves the Problem of Fixing Blown Fuses
  • Low Voltage Disconnect Solves the Problem of Battery Backup
  • 90v Charging Solves the Problem of Undercharging of Batteries in Low Voltage Areas
  • High Crest Factor Solves the Problem of Running Big Refrigerators or AC
  • Automatic Bypass Solves the Problem of Fault in Inverter